Gas Station Pad Cleaning

Gas Station Pad Cleaning

Gas Station Fuel Pad Cleaning

Water Recovery & Eco Friendly

Fuel pad Cleaning

The amount of traffic that comes through a gas station causes quite a bit of buildup at the pump. Oil stains are one of the most common of unsightly spots that we see. Any liquids leaking from cars can cause staining on the concrete. We want to work for you to remove those stains and clean up the area so your customers continue coming back.

If you have one location or multiple across the state, we can service your fueling station. We follow local and state regulations and laws concerning the cleaning maintenance of fueling stations. Let RW Hydro give you the clean, polished look that will stand out to your customers.


Contact us at 910-833-8182 and let us know if you have questions about a package or need a contract developed.


No More Stains
Our pressure washing system heats the water up to over 200°F to clean and sanitize
the fuel pads. This helps remove any harmful buildup, bacteria near trash areas and gives your gas station(s) a clean, polished look.
Other Services
Most gas stations and fuel pad station cleanings involve discussions about dumpster pad cleanings. This area can get dirty quickly which can pose a threat to employee health not to mention any customers. We eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful
organisms like E. Coli, Salmonella, Baylisascaris & Listeria
Waste Water Recycling
Our environmentally friendly systems come with a full 8-stage
waste water recovery and filtration system. RW Hydro's systems are
specially designed to recover up to 12 GPM and process over
8 GPM.
Quality Cleaning System
RW Hydro only uses the highest quality commercial grade hot water pressure cleaning systems and components. We don't use chemicals and reduce waste water. That means less oil spread and less chance for further contamination in the area or in the storage tanks!


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