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  • 1st Cleaning Discount*
  • Trash Can Sanitizing
  • Monthly Cleaning Schedule
  • Contamination Hopper
  • Waste Water Recovery

Custom Quoting

  • Grime Removal
  • Spot/Stain Removal
  • Full Surface Cleaning
  • Quote Based On Sq. Ft.
  • Waste Water Recovery

Custom Quoting

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Gum Spot Removal
  • Waste Water Recovery
  • Concrete Surface Cleaning
  • Brick Cleaning

*Any can cleaning is $8/trash can for a limited time only!

First trash bin cleaning is $12/can or $20/2 cans with the signing of our 12 month contract.

We offer single cleanings for $25 per can or $50 for 2 cans.

If you need a dumpster for a residential or commercial property cleaned and sanitized, we can help there as well. We mitigate waste water runoff with our waste water removal system.

Trash and dumpster sanitizing is great to prevent buildup of harmful bacteria It’s great for restaurants, malls, business offices, apartment complexes or any other property.

We use a powerful surface cleaner that puts out water at temperatures north of 200°F which helps us to sanitize any surface.

Our system will lift the grime and buildup that has occurred over the past years and get your concrete surface nice and clean again.

The waste water recovery system allows us to pull in 12 gallons per minute and process the water with our 9-stage filtration to reduce the waste water runoff that is damaging to surrounding plants and can seep into the groundwater below.

All of our jobs are custom quoted, so give us a call today!

Our graffiti and gum removal service utilizes the same waste water recovery system used in our other services.

We don’t use chemicals which makes us EPA compliant and 100% safe for the surrounding area.

The graffiti removal can be done on other surfaces including concrete, brick and other solid surfaces.

We service all around the Wilmington area if your business or park needs our services.