RW Hydro Service Inc.

We are working toward providing the Wilmington area with a top notch cleaning service. We stand out from the rest of the crowd in two major ways:

  1. We are an experienced team and a local company
  2. We use a full waste water recovery system

Our mission is to provide everyone with the best quality cleaning service to restore their property, image and take care of health issues that may arise from neglect.

We specialize in trash bin sanitizing, concrete or vinyl surface cleaning and graffiti/gum removal to get rid of any marks or stains. Let us get you out of that sticky situation.


Our Contracts

Our contacts are made to set a regular schedule for one or more of our services. The time and frequency can be modified and you will have a custom contract as our pricing depends on the square footage or volume (of trash bins) that needs to be cleaned. Our waste water recovery process allows us to reclaim water during our scheduled cleanings which saves on the water bill and keeps water runoff from spreading around harmful organisms.

Our Services

Surface Cleaning
No matter how tough or large the size of the surface cleaning job, RW Hydro Services can be the solution for all of your commercial cleaning needs in Wilmington.
Graffitti & Gum Removal
Our rotary surface cleaner lifts gum and graffiti without damaging the surface. It's equipped with a wash water recovery system so we can filter the waste water.
fuel pad cleaning
Fuel Station Cleaning
Cleanliness of fuel stations could make or break business. Having a polished look could make or break business so call RW Hydro to remove oil and gas stains the right way!
restaurant dumpster
Restaurant Dumpster Cleaning
We have a powerful trash sanitizing system which uses hot water only to clean & remove harmful bacteria that may buildup in restaurants dumpsters.
Pool Deck & Patio Cleaning
We want to help you keep that pool & patio area looking pristine with our pool deck cleaning service for enjoyment all season long.


Proud Member

Work Examples

Driveway Power washing
Motts Forest
Health Safety
Our trash and dumpster cleaning service isn't just for looks. We get rid of 99.9% of harmful bacteria growth such as salmonella and E. Coli just to mention a few.
Waste Water Recovery
Our waste water recovery system is able to separate waste water from reusable water. It helps us save and recycle as much as possible as our system processes and filters the excess water.
Concrete Stain Removal
Our surface cleaner doubles as a gum, graffiti and stain remover to get out any grease or grime stain. We use the waste water recovery process for gum, graffiti and stain removal as well.

Contract Packages

Pick the right package for you. We can create a custom contract as well

New Member Specials
We offer discounts to new clients for our great services. Inquire with us to hear about our specials.
Surface Cleaning
Our surface cleaning is perfect for cleaning concrete surfaces, sidewalks, driveways and even docks or piers.
The Full Package
We can work with you to create a custom contract which can include one or more of our services in any combination and frequency.